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Count on Pets Travel for hassle-free domestic moves for your beloved pets. With over 54 years of know-how, we make sure your pet stays comfy and secure throughout the journey

Pets Travel is not just a business. We aim to provide a caring and loving environment for your pets during this stressful time.

We understand how difficult moving can be, especially immigrating. So we are here to assist you in making your pet’s move a simple, loving and carefree experience.

With over 54 years of experience in pet care and transportation, our hands-on approach guarantees a secure and relaxed adventure for your pets.

Just a quick little mail to thank you sooo much for all of your assistance with the safe transportation of my little boy. He arrived safe and sound. I couldn’t be happier and more impressed with Pets Travel and the service that you have delivered! Many thanks and tons of appreciation,

Rudi Paulse

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Our services

Pets Travel is dedicated to the safety, comfort, and well-being of your animals during transport. We draw on more than 50 years of experience as a leading pet relocation company to provide a perfect range of transportation services anywhere within South Africa and abroad.

Moving is stressful for everyone, especially your pets who don’t understand all the upheaval. Our pet boarding facilities provide a safe environment where they can relax while you get on with critical travel arrangements. Our animal behaviourists are on hand to help pets with the transition, so you needn’t worry about your animal’s emotional well-being.

You can trust our movers to keep an eye on your animals during transit to ensure that they are properly fed and hydrated and that they get any medication necessary. We have a vast network of veterinarians who can provide emergency services should they be required.

There simply isn’t another pet courier agency that provides the excellent standards of service that you’ll enjoy from Pets Travel. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your pet sail through your move. Our services include:

  • Animal Transport
  • Handmade, Custom Crates
  • Expert Animal Handlers
  • Paperwork & Documentation
  • Veterinary Care

Let’s help you make your journey easier

we are your local and worldwide pet connection

Hi Christine

We do not have enough words to thank you for this excellent service that we received from you. Thank you for taking care of our 2 babies- we never thought that this type of caring for someone else’s doggies do exist. If there is any where or site where we can recommend you please let me know. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.

Linda Moulder

We honour the love and bond you have with your pets, and therefore the emphasis is on comfort and peace of mind for you and your pets.

Every member of our team has an innate love and passion for animals, and will treat your pets as if they are our own. The animals always come first. Their safety and comfort are our number one priority.

With many years of experience comes the perfect plan for your pets journey, we work around each pet’s personality and temperament. If your pet is curious, we will transport them in an open crate so that they may have a view of their adventure. Should they be shy or anxious we will design a comfortable space that will give them a sense of security. 

All our crates are made to IATA specifications.


Creating a Comfortable Journey

Dear Christine and Mr. Prathapan

Nyla has arrived safely at home. She is looking healthy and happy.

Mr. Prathapan, we would like to thank you so much for doing such an excellent job in getting Nyla to us safe and sound. Thanks to yours and your staff’s diligence and care, she made it here so smoothly. We didn’t have to worry about anything. Thank you so much once again.

Christine, thank you so much to you too. For the smooth handling of everything at this end and for the regular updates on Nyla in quarantine. It made us rest easy once we knew she was doing good. Thank you so much.

Rina & Sid

“Pets are not our whole life… but they make our lives whole” (Roger Caras)

Pets Travel is a member of IPATA. IPATA is an international network of pet and animal re-locators. We have worked alongside IPATA for years and we have developed close and family-like relationships with the most superior and accredited pet handlers on all ends of the world. Once your pets have arrived at their destination, we can assure you that they will be greeted by a trusted member of the international Pets Travel family.

With so many years in the business, we have also developed extremely trusted relationships with the airlines that we use for pet transportation. All of the compartments are pressurised and temperature controlled, and we have ensure that your beloved pets will be comfortable, safe and secure during their journey.

The crates that we use to transport your treasured pets are all handmade and of exceptional quality. All these crates are created with your pet’s individual personality and requirements in mind – attention to detail is essential in what we do. We will measure your pet and design the most perfect and cosy ‘home’ for your 4-legged children. A fixed water bowl, absorbent pet liners and blankets will be placed in the crate so as to fashion a homely environment for the journey.



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