Customised crates for absolute comfort

Our credo is comfort in safety and with over 50 years of transporting pets in South Africa and overseas, we’ve perfected both. As a result, we create crates that meet safety regulations without sacrificing an iota of comfort. Your pet’s crate will be specially designed to suit size, weight – and personality. For example, your confident dog might appreciate a few windows, but your nervous kitty might prefer layers to hide in.

We can make crates a bit bigger than standard for dogs who really like to stretch out when they sleep, or who like to make ‘nests’ before they settle down. You’d be surprised at how even small tweaks and tricks can transform a crate into a safe haven for your dog or cat.

What’s more, the design and comfort are such that you can continue to use the crate as your pet’s den when you move into your new home. They already feel safe in their crate, so it can be a good way to help them adjust to the changes in their environment. This means you needn’t worry about spending a lot of money for a crate that’s only going to be used once. Think of our custom handmade crates as an investment in your pet’s future comfort.

What makes our crates so special?


  • Crates are only made from heat-treated wood to prevent infections and pest infestations.
  • We have an in-house crate designer who manages all customisations.
  • Customisations are based on personalised visits to ensure the end result is truly perfect for your pet.
  • Our designer ensures that crates provide a safe environment that minimises the stress of transportation, whether by road or air.
  • It’s possible to rent crates for domestic relocations. This significantly decreases transit costs.

Choose Pets Transport To Safely Relocate Your Pets

Pets Transport has the industry experience and specialisation that enables us to safely transport animals nationally and internationally. We are an accredited member of IPATA – the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association – and have developed a network of key industry stakeholders from around the globe. These close relationships enhance our services so that we can, directly or indirectly, meet any need related to animal transport and relocation. For instance, our network of veterinarians ensures that animals get any medical attention they need during transit.

Rather than wait until the last minute to find any old pet transport company, contact us today and request a free quote for domestic and international relocations for one or several pets simultaneously.

What makes Pets Travel Unique?


As one of the oldest pet and animal moving companies in South Africa, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to provide extra value. For instance, our pet handlers include animal behaviourists who ensure that your pet receives attention and care specific to their needs.

We also have boarding facilities that provide all the comforts of home. Pet handlers at our boarding facilities are trained to work with animals who are in distress as a result of all the upheaval. A benefit that our company provides that’s likely lacking in other couriers is that we learn about our boarders’ personalities and can further tailor our travel services to their needs.

Start planning for emigration with your pet and request a free quote to see how our transport services ensure your pets sail through transportation, both domestic and international. We’ll show you how our relationships with key industry stakeholders assure safe and comfortable transport for your pets.