We offer the most comprehensive services that make relocating your pet as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Animal Transport

We have a fleet of vans which are customised to make our service as pet friendly and as safe as possible, drivers are sensitive to pets and we have a NO SMOKING POLICY and NO LOUD MUSIC. With years of experience in the business, we know exactly how to make your pets feel safe and secure. All cars are temperature controlled, allowing your furry friends to experience a comfortable ride and in the process, you have absolute peace of mind.


Our crates are handmade and customised to suit your pet’s specific size and weight. We measure your pet and work out which is the best size crate for them, assuring them a comfortable and safe trip. We believe that it is vital that your pet has the perfect amount of space to move around, but not too much space that he/she would feel unstable. All our crates come with fixed water bowls; and we also place shredded newspaper on the floor. Newspaper is highly absorbent, so when your pet needs to relieve themselves, they are not left standing in a wet mess. We will design the crate according to your pet’s specific personality and character making sure that they are in the safest and most familiar environment possible.

Animal Handlers

Our animal handlers have to meet very strict criteria and have to go through a thorough interview process in order to work at Pets Travel. This allows you the peace of mind that your pets are being looked after by the best in the business. Our workers are sensitive to the fact that moving can cause stress and trauma for animals, not to mention being separated from you, can be hard for them. We therefore, train our team to deal with the animals in a gentle and sympathetic manner.


Pets Travel is owned and run by the Badham Family. We manage on-site both in Johannesburg and Durban. Our Kennels are kept to the highest standard. Ralun kennels DBN & JHB also owned and managed by the Badham Family


You can be assured that the service we offer is up to date with all the latest regulations and documentations from around the world. We organise and plan all transportaion in advance, and of course all the right paperwork to ensure that there are no complications when your pet arrives at their destination. We have close and trusted relationships with animal transportation agents and companies around the globe. We make a commitment not to hamper you with paperwork- we understand that moving is already a stressful and difficult process. We assist you every step of the way, only contacting you when it is absolutely necessary. With us, you are making the right decision with a stress-free move.


Not all countries have quarantine regulations but for the few that do, we are update on all the procedures that need to take place in order to get your loved pet into the country. Pets Travel will walk the road with you in finding the most suitable and helpful pet kennels in the country of arrival. We have personally been to many of the quarantine kennels all over the world. Our long term relationships with our international counterparts, allows us to assure you, that your pet will be safe and well looked after, as if he/she was still with us.

Veterinary Care

Our relationships with the best vets in Johannesburg and Durban, is of paramount importance to us. If something should go wrong, we want your pet to have the best medical care possible. We are also able to organise documentation from our Veterinary Services according to your pet’s travel documents, to accompany them on their trip. This asssures you that once they arrive at their destination, the process will be as efficient and hassle free as possible.

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Hi Christine

Many thanks to you and team – and particularly the driver who collects and delivers doggies to my house. All went so smoothly – thank you. I understand that airlines will no longer be offering service for doggies to put as luggage which I can fully understand as not a specialist service and animals probably traumatised. My doggies will always go with you.

Gill Raine

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