Pet Boarding

Trust Our Quality Boarding Facilities for Your Pet’s Comfort and Happiness

Good boarding facilities can be hard to find. Largely because many facilities don’t understand what animals need, and are ill-equipped to provide for them if they do. Pets Travel is different. We’ve worked in the pet transport and care industry for well over 50 years and are more than qualified to provide high-quality boarding kennels that place your pet’s needs above all else.

Many of our clients use our boarding facilities (Ralun Kennels in JHB & DBN) as a halfway house on their pet’s journey to a new location, but we also provide boarding services to pet parents who need a safe and comfortable place for their animals to stay while they’re away on holiday or business trips.

What sets Pets Travel apart?

Pets Travel only works with qualified animal behaviourists and trainers to ensure your pets benefit from modern, humane, and force-free handlers who consider the whole animal, including their recreational and enrichment needs.

We also assess incoming animals to not only determine their disposition but also their housing suitability. This is essential for the animal concerned, as well as the other animals in the facility. After all, one distressed dog or cat can upset the other pets in the kennels.

Our handlers ensure that your pet’s dietary and healthcare needs are met and that they get the right amount of play (stimulation) and downtime (rest) to keep them in optimum mental shape. Human companionship and interaction are important, so play with other animals is balanced by time with handlers, perhaps with some calm grooming or an energetic game of tug.

We are proud to maintain a good handler: pet ratio, so there isn’t the risk that handlers will be overwhelmed or overrun by overexcited or emotionally fraught animals.

Open communication

It’s natural for you to want to know how your pets are doing while being boarded. You want to see that they are healthy, clean, well-fed, and comfortable.

We operate on the principles of transparency, so we regularly send you pictures and videos of your pet eating, playing, and sleeping. WhatsApp lets you ask questions about your pet and provides real-time updates.


Choose Boarding Facilities That Really Care About Your Pets

Pets Travel has a long and successful history working with animals in transit and in boarding facilities. Our expertise gives you the peace of mind you need to trust us with your beloved dogs and cats. 

We offer boarding facilities that provide a comprehensive and holistic set of services. Meaning we look at the whole animal, not just their dietary and rest needs. Your animal’s breed-specific enrichment, play, and downtime requirements are also all taken care of. This makes our boarding kennels literally a home away from home.

You can give your pets what they need while you’re away by contacting us and requesting a free quote. We’ll get back to you with a solution tailor-made to your pet’s needs.

What makes Pets Travel Unique?


As one of the oldest pet and animal moving companies in South Africa, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to provide extra value. For instance, our pet handlers include animal behaviourists who ensure that your pet receives attention and care specific to their needs.

We also have boarding facilities that provide all the comforts of home. Pet handlers at our boarding facilities are trained to work with animals who are in distress as a result of all the upheaval. A benefit that our company provides that’s likely lacking in other couriers is that we learn about our boarders’ personalities and can further tailor our travel services to their needs.

Start planning for emigration with your pet and request a free quote to see how our transport services ensure your pets sail through transportation, both domestic and international. We’ll show you how our relationships with key industry stakeholders assure safe and comfortable transport for your pets.